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We are a tech support company who provides assistance for Computers, Router, Printers and many more technical things.

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Product / Services

At the moment we are not entertaining any new customer our main motive is just to make our existing customers happy.

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Awareness Program

People may call you in stating that we are going to shutdown the company and no more in business please beware of those emails and callers they just want to scam you please do not entertain those kind of calls/Email

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we are Pc Smart Care.

And we want to aware you from the Fake unauthorized peoples who using our company name to trick our innocent clients. Scammers try to copy our email and phone calls to trick you into entering personal information and asking for money. So please never pay attention on these kind of

Fake emails and calls. Because some peoples are using our Most legitimate company’s name.


These signs can help you identify phishing scams:


  • The sender’s email address or phone number doesn’t match with our company email id and toll free number that it claims to be from.


  • legitimate companies never ask for the I tune cards



  • Our only toll free numbers are (855-541-4926) (844-718-3989)


  • The message requests will be refund your money that you original Paid to our company for network protection and tech services.


  • They will tell you that we are going to close permanently so we want to give your refund that you paid in the past for services


  • Visit our official website pcsmartcare.com to check and confirm the email address and toll free number



If you receive what you believe to be a phishing email that’s designed to look like it’s from Pc smart care , please send it to info@pcsmartcare.com and we will take the action right after read your email.



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